PETA Finds New Way To Show Women Fellating Vegetables


Once again, the time-honored practice of pretending to submit a Super Bowl ad only to shriek that you’ve been censored converges with PETA’s go-to publicity tactic: Female flesh. This year, they’ve taken some cues from Terry Richardson.

As HuffPo warned its readers, “The video below may not be appropriate to view in all settings, and features somewhat undressed women playing with vegetables.”

This is 2009’s publicity stunt — sorry, too-hot-for-TV Super Bowl ad.

‘Veggie Love’: PETA’s Banned Super Bowl Ad

The main thing we can learn from all this is that whereas last year they availed themselves of a Cinemax softcore aesthetic, this year PETA is really hip to that Terry Richardson/American Apparel/Polaroid pseudo-amateur-porn look. Welcome to five years ago, assholes!

Casting Session For PETA’s Banned Super Bowl Ad [PETA]
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