Photoshop This Image of Kris Jenner Presenting Kanye, Her Prize Sheep


In her continued quest to force money out of the orifices of any individual tangentially connected to her, Kris Jenner spent her Monday taping an episode of her daytime talk show Kris with Kanye West, baby daddy to her daughter Kim.

According to EW, in the episode (which does not have an air date yet, but may be the finale of the show on August 23, so hold off on clogging your DVR with Kris), West “opens up to Jenner about his baby girl, falling in love with Kim, and dealing with the press,” as well as President Obama’s recent haterade on his opulent Yeezus lifestyle. According to US Weekly, Kanye “even joked that he’s been ‘so in love’ with Kim…that he thought about ‘playing sports'” (because she loves athletes, ya dig?).

From this promo image released by Fox, Kanye’s face appears to be full of “Wow why I am I here?” Kris, on the other hand, looks utterly DELIGHTED to have received him in her court, looking upon him with the gaze of one who has been walking through the desert and has happened upon a beautiful shining oasis that she fears is really a mirage.

Perhaps how one might look at a cronut:

Or how Kris might look at herself, should she be a guest on her own show:

Or with if Lady Gaga as a goose made an appearance:

Please, take to Kinja and add your own as we countdown to this momentous interview that will hopefully air as soon as possible.

Image via Fox

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