Pied Piper, But Make It Fashion

Pied Piper, But Make It Fashion
Image:Ryan McGinley for Rolling Stone

I will follow you into dark.

Apparently Rolling Stone loved my blog on Harry Styles’s newly publicized mushroom use so much, they sent Jezebel an exclusive, previously unreleased photograph of young Harry, taken by Ryan McGinley for their September issue. Personally, this is a career milestone, and a rare moment of sincere enthusiasm for me on this website: I fucking love this!

Here is Styles, barefoot against a fortress wall, inches away from cool water. You may remember a similar photograph from the story: a closeup image of Styles staring moodily into the ocean, his royal blue fascinator blurred in the background, his whimsical green eyes in perfect focus. I like to think this image took place moments after that one, a happy Harry offering half a cheeky smile after receiving praise for a portrait well-posed. “Good job, old boy,” McGinley shouts over a cool English wind. “Ha-ha, thanks,” Styles retorts, his nose starting to pink from the chill.

With this image comes a new ensemble, too: Harry’s wearing what appears to be a two-piece blue set, notably lighter and more denim-colored than his headgear. The collar of the jacket looks like dark felt, a fitting fabric for a deep boy. From this angle, it’s hard to tell exactly what the top is, but I imagine it’s a cropped sweater ripped from Hogwarts. (Red stripes for Gryffindor?) Are they at Hogwarts? I’m mixing up my fan fiction universes. Anyway, just look at him. I think he looks like a fashionable Pied Piper, to which I say: no need to play that pipe, boy, I’m already following you.

In all his glory, I present to you, Harold Edward Styles:

Image:Ryan McGinley for Rolling Stone


Read the full Rolling Stone cover story here, if you haven’t yet. And if you haven’t… what are you DOING?

Update (5:16 p.m.): Harry’s fans have pointed out that this look is straight from Maison Margiela’s Fall 2019 couture line. Check it out:

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