Plan B: The "I Just Should've Swallowed" Pill


Canadians are known to be more progressive than Americans on certain issues, particularly health care, but we didn’t know they could be so hilarious about it. Share Your Oops is a Canadian site created by Barr Pharmaceuticals, the manufacturer of morning-after pill Plan B, on which women are encouraged give a nickname to the pill, like “The I Was Too Drunk To Think Pill,” or “The I Forgot To Pull Out Pull.” Women can vote for the ones they relate to most. The irreverent tone is totally up our alley. Some of the best picks after the jump.

  • The I Should’ve Just Swallowed Pill
  • The What Was I Thinking Pill
  • The You’d Think A Musician Would Be Better At The Rhythm Method Pill
  • The I Gotta Stop Shaving My Legs As I Have No Self Control Pill
  • The I Though If I Was On Top Gravity Would Take Over Pill

And the one that got an overwhelming number of votes:

The I Should’ve Stuck With My Vibrator Pill

Share Your Oops

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