Pot-Smoking, Hair-Snarking California Election Kicks Into High Gear


“She called my hairstyle, and I quote, ‘Soooooo yesterday.’ Well you know — it might be true, and I admit I’ve had my share of bad hair days. But my policies?” Are not yesterday.” Welcome back to the California election.

That line would be the one Barbara Boxer is going with on the campaign trail. It even has a call and response:

“My opponent’s policies are very yesterday…. More deregulation, more tax cuts to the top – that’s her solution to the greatest recession since the Great Depression, a return to George Bush economics, and that is sooooo….”
“Yesterday” the crowd croons. Now, on cue, they gleefully answer Boxer’s descriptions of Fiorina’s stands on abortion, immigration, drilling and the assault weapons ban – all “so yesterday.”

All this, according to The Los Angeles Times, led one “admirer” to tell Boxer, “You were the lady up there.”

The other “lady,” at least technically speaking, is, of course, Carly Fiorina, who famously was caught on camera trashing Boxer’s hair. Having been a Senator for 18 years, Boxer has had to fight harder than ever, with polls showing them either in a tie or with Boxer holding a narrow lead.

Boxer has been accusing Fiorina of selling printers to Iran (sort of). “Just to sum it up, Iran presents a real danger to Israel, to America and to the world, and when Fiorina was the CEO at HP she skirted the law, she sold printers to Iran, which HP now says could well have gone to the Iranian military,” Boxer said Tuesday. Perhaps not unrelated, Fiorina spent Labor Day in Israel.

And now today brings the rather inconvenient news that a Boxer aide was arrested trying to bring pot into the Capitol. (He’s since quit.) Maybe there’s hope for him at the Fiorina campaign, where, what with the Demon Sheep ad and the one seen here, the video editing staff seems to be smoking something.

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