Prince William Admits He's Got The Pre-Wedding Jitters


Prince William, who described his upcoming nuptials to Kate Middleton as “a daunting prospect but an exciting one”, was so anxious during his wedding rehearsal that his knees started “tapping”. It remains uncertain whether or not this nervousness could be attributed to the unrelenting, steely-eyed gaze of his Grandmother as she watches him disappoint her.

In a vote for not letting your kids pick their sibling’s name, David Beckham revealed his sons want to name their yet unborn sister Justine Bieber Beckham. Mother Victoria Beckham was unable to comment on the matter, as she was too busy being relieved she won’t have to deal with “another penis in the house”. [Pop Eater]

There may be a lot of April Fools jokes flying around, but Nick Cannon thinks it’s safe to say he pulled “the best” prank on everyone with his totally untrue announcement that wife Mariah Carey went into labor. After he revealed it was a hoax, he apparently told everyone to “relax”, but how can we relax when it’s soooooooo funny??? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. [E!]

  • In other April Fools Day news, Martha Stewart isn’t really dying of whooping cough. [TV Squad]
  • And in other Kate Middleton news, her favorite burger is reportedly 805 calories. But but but HOW???? Does she know that??? Why, God, why??? [US]
  • Your “first look” at Reese Witherspoon’s rock. [Pop Eater]
  • Chuckles kicks off his 20-city tour tomorrow night in Detroit. [AP]
  • Cee-Lo Green, who says he’s “Elton John reincarnated”, may want to look up the definition of reincarnation. [Digital Spy]
  • Who will join Britney Spears on her upcoming tour? Nicki Minaj? Maybe! [E!]
  • Not to worry everyone, Jessica Biel has found love in the African mountains! (Allegedly). [Perez Hilton]
  • Even James Franco thinks he’s overexposed and has disabled his Twitter account. [E!]
  • In “a face for anything but radio” news, Ryan Reynolds is in talks to land the lead voiceover role in the animated feature Turbo. [Digital Spy]
  • Kim Kardashian used to be, like, totally freaked out by tall guys, so obviously she feels like a “hypocrite” for feeling “safe all the time and skinny and tiny!” standing next to her NBA boyfriend. [Contact Music]
  • Rapper Wiz Khalifa proposed to Amber Rose. The two are set to wed this summer. [Media Takeout]
  • Adorable: Read love letters Elizabeth Taylor sent to a 22-year-old boy when she was 17. [Extra]
  • Victoria’s Secret models: too thin, too fat, too thin, too fat, etc. [Coco Perez]
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