Project Runway Recap: Vacation Fashion Is Hard Work


The challenge: To create a resort wear ensemble. And have your teammate execute (as in, sew) your design, as you act as a seamstress for them. What counts as “resort”? Funny you should ask!

Mondo’s resort wear sounds a lot like mine. Mondo was paired with Michael Costello, whom everyone keeps bitching about, and gave MC a really hard time. But when he realized MC could actually sew and was a nice guy, Mondo backed off, and apologized, saying, “I was a dick.” My god how I love Mondo.

I seriously want to eat him with a spoon.

And wash him down with a bottle of champagne.

Casanova and Gretchen worked together, and Casanova felt that Gretchen questioned his mental capacity.

On to the highlights and lowlights from the runway:

Valerie made something that could have been like a cute ’40s playsuit, but the shape was weird and the colors were sad. But she was safe.

Michael Costello’s model is guest-starring on Love Boat this week. Safe!

Christopher made separates, but this vacation looks kind of somber to me. Also: Not a great length on those shorts. Safe.

Fact: Gretchen is obsessed with baby poo poo colors. She was safe, though.

The judges creamed themselves over Michael D’s slinky black number that revealed skin without being tacky. Michael Kors though it was “really fabulous” and “legitimately what you want to wear in the tropics.” Nina Garcia thought it was “really beautiful.” Michael D. was in the top 3.

Andy made an I-Am-Hot-Shit outfit that blew my mind it was so effing foxy. When it appeared on screen, I said out loud, “Hell. Yes.” Heidi Klum said, “I like it a lot.” And Michael Kors thought it was “exciting” and “glamorous.” Andy should have won, I think. But he was merely in the top 3.

April’s “tough punk babydoll” look won. Guest judge Kristen Bell gushed, “love, love, love.” And said she would wear it on the red carpet, which, let’s face it, would be a huge mistake. Nina Garcia thought the little dress and shorts were “fantastic.” So April was the winner.

My poor Mondo was in the bottom 3! Michael Kors called his little outfit a “weird assemblage of clothes from Forever 21.”

Ivy’s resort wear was zzzzzzzzzzzz. She got snippy with Michael Kors, and at some point in the episode said,” You don’t want to see a Korean get angry.” Oh, Ivy! That’s where you’re wrong! You getting pissy is reality TV gold. Also, muting yourself seems to result in muted colors all the time, which isn’t getting you anywhere. Anyway, Ivy and her Hospital For Insomniac Socialites Uniform should have gone home. But no.

Cuzzanova got the boot. Michael Kors called it an outfit for a “70-year-old woman” who is leaving the mall to go home and watch TV. He complained that Casanova can only design for hookers or grandmothers on wheelchair ramps, and that was that.

It was actually kind of fun saying goodbye to Casanova. Sad: Zero. Disappointed? Maybe a quart. Ezzzactly. The best was when Tim Gunn asked, “What are we gonna do without you?” And Casanova replied, “I live very close from here.”

Meanwhile, Mondo is my pick to win the whole damn thing, and possibly my new obsession. Did you see that poufy dress in his finale collection??? (SPOILER PIX AT LINK! OBVS. But ten designers showed finale collections yesterday, so we still don’t know who the final four are.)

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