Psychic: Ouija Boards Will Make Your Kids Evil and/or Depressed


A psychic from Manchester, UK is sternly warning parents to keep their impressionable adolescents away from Ouija boards, calling them “very dangerous” and claiming they can lead to “mental health issues and depression.”

Mancunian Matters interviewed Eileen-Rose, a third generation psychic who is evidently referred to as “Spooky Eileen” by the locals. She has strong feelings on the Ouija board issue.

“What are they doing giving them to kids?” she asked the paper. “They could get into all sorts of shit!”

Eileen-Rose adds that besides mental health issues, the use of Ouija boards can, she says, “contact raw energies that don’t belong here, energies that can latch onto young people that go through puberty, which can cause a lot of problems.”

Delightfully, Mancunian Matters found a local pastor for the pro-Ouija perspective; Reverend Dr. David Holgate from the Manchester Cathedral tells the paper: “I don’t think they are a way of getting in touch with evil.” He adds, “I’ve never met anybody in more than thirty years of ministry whose life has been ruined by a Ouija board. I’ve met a lot of people whose lives have been ruined by alcohol, sickness, cruelty, and unfair dismissal from jobs.”

If you notice an uptick in discussions about all things Ouija, that’s due to two things: a recent Ouija-themed movie with one of the worst Rotten Tomatoes scores I’ve ever seen, and, according to Google UK Commerce, a corresponding rise in searches for the words “Ouija boards,” which the site says has gone up more than 300% since last October.

Now, praise God, we’re seeing a renewed and very entertaining round of handwringing about the welfare of The Children. Christian Today recently devoted a long investigation to the safety of Ouija-ing, concluding that while it’s not likely that “an actual evil spirit” moves the planchette across the board, it’s still best to stay away.

“[W]hy would we bother?” the site adds. “After all, we have prayer, the Scriptures and the Holy Spirit.”

Precisely the things that drive children into the arms of the Ouija board in the first place.

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