Purveyor of Hammy Vintage Lady-Memes Anne Taintor Finally Gets Sued   


New Mexico resident Veronica Vigil, who lives a sober lifestyle, is suing novelty product company Anne Taintor Inc. for using her likeness on a flask without permission. Vigil’s 1970 high school graduation photo is accompanied by the phrase: “I’m going to be the most popular girl in rehab.”

According to the complaint, which also listed Doodlet’s gift shop in Santa Fe as a defendant:

“Plaintiff is an active member of her church and does not consume alcohol or drugs. Given the seriousness of the issues of substance abuse in the community in which plaintiff resides, she has held herself out by reputation for her children and her community, to refrain from abuse or even use of alcohol and illicit drugs and has set an example that the issue is a very serious one that destroys families and lives.”

Harvard graduate Anne Taintor started her company in 1985, undercutting domestic stereotypes from the ’40s and ’50s with an early iteration of meme humor. The company now sells magnets, mugs, and every other kind of tchotchke imaginable, featuring slogans like “Never say never…say ‘no way in hell,'” and “Why, I’d be delighted to put my needs last again.”

The company is being sued for defamation, invasion of privacy and unfair trade practices. Anne Taintor herself, meanwhile, is living her Best Life; according to her website bio, she “lives and works in an eclectic antique house in Portland and continues to cherish making all you smart women and men smile.”

Image via Anne Taintor, Inc.

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