R.L. Stine Writes Brand New Scary Story On Twitter

R.L. Stine—whose Cheerleaders: The First Evil we recently revisited here at Jezebel—has decided to liven up Halloween with a bit of creepy storytelling delivered in 140 character bursts to his 134,000 Twitter followers.

Mashable reports that this was the third Halloween in a row when Stine has taken to his Twitter and delivered some chills. (Previous installments featured a haunted farmer and a haunted kitchen.) This time, with “What’s in My Sandwich,” he spins a yarn about a monstrous egg salad sandwich. It’ll make your skin crawl and ruin your appetite:

If that piques your curiosity, read all the way to the end on this Storify. It’s no Bobbi Corcoran cooking in the gym-room showers, but it’s still pretty efficient nightmare fuel!

Image via Elena Shashkina/Shutterstock.

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