Racists Angry Because Little Brown Boy Sang the National Anthem


Yesterday, the Spurs killed the Heat in the NBA Finals game of the balls in the basket. The NBA is relatively diverse, which is why it was quite shocking (but not really) to see the internet react so dumbly and disgustingly to a pint-sized boy singing the national anthem to kickoff the game.

The world was first introduced to now 11-year-old Sebastian De La Cruz, his mariachi band and his most adorable, tailored mariachi dress in 2012 when he auditioned for America’s Got Talent. The judges, America and my heart all fell in-love with him. The boy wowed with a wondrous, mature and strong voice; he and his crew made it to round two of the competition.

So when Miami Heat rolled into San Antonio to the play the city’s basketball team, it only made sense to invite the local-celeb and San Antonio native, Mr. Sebastian, to sing the national anthem. Which he did, wonderfully. If you have not watched the video above, stop. Right. Da. Fuck. Now. And watch it.

WELL, RACISTS AREN’T HAPPY. The Twitterverse and YouTubers could not help but indulge in voicing shallow stereotypes about Mexicans and sharing shitty shit racist remarks. Many were also confused because this is America, the land of native white people (and black people, because yes, non-white people can be racist towards other non-white people) who only wear the traditional dress of GAP and J.Crew, and not the land of diverse people wearing whatever the fuck they want to wear. Here are a few tweets for your afternoon tea:

There are many, many, many more. But most of the tweets were deleted, so we can’t really share them now. But hop on here and here if you’re interested to see more. The YouTube comments are heating up, too.

Fortunately, Sebastian has been able to react to all the hate with calm maturity. He is a proud Mexican-American, and that pride won’t falter from any amount of Twitter hate.

A Mexican-American boy sand the National Anthem, and racist NBA fans can’t handle it [Daily Dot]

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