Rami Malek, Who Kinda Speaks Like a Serial Killer, Gets a Podcast


Rami Malek, the Oscar-winning actor who just happens to speak in the dulcet tones of a serial killer, is getting a podcast.

Fresh off winning the little golden man for his performance as Freddie Mercury, Entertainment Weekly reports, Malek will executive-produce and perform in the audio drama Blackout, for which he plays a New Hampshire DJ trying to save his family after power grids begin going down across the country.

That Malek would take his talents to podcasting is curious considering he possesses the deep-throated voice of a terrifying murderer, a phenomenon was brought to everyone’s attention after an unintentionally creepy interview Malek did for Mandarin Oriental recently went viral. “I’m a fan of my mom, she’s got my back,” he says, sucking his teeth, speaking in a unenthused monotone. “I’m a fan of chamomile tea… I’m a fan of handwritten letters… I’m a fan of classic movies…”

But Malek and the podcast creators shan’t worry; this skin-crawling affliction has certainly worked out for Michael Shannon!

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