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Tuesday’s best comments are ever so clever!

Best Comment Of The Day, in response to Hot Under The Collar: “If he sees his own sparkles, it’s 6 more weeks of contractually obligated mall tours.” • Best Comment Of The Day, in response to We’ll Drink To That: Beer Was Invented By Women: “And then the ladiez said ‘let there be beer.’ And there was. And it was good. You’re welcome, World.” • Best Comment Of The Day, in response to Kate Middleton’s First Interview: Frustratingly Insipid:

Once for her birthday, Mummy had the most delightful birthday party where we all put gherkins in our bums! And at Christmas last year, mummy made a yule log with marzipan leaves and mushrooms, and daddy screamed at mummy because he said it looked like a great horrid turd, and daddy threw it right out the window! And then grannie broke a bottle of claret over daddy’s head! And then we all went to Windsor Castle. Tra-la-la! The Queen was busy baking mini pizzas in her play-kitchen out of the most darling little kit, and Prince Philip was tipsy and doddering about wearing only a lederhosen and a pair of dingy knickers! His nipples were chafed like little red Christmas berries; it was terribly festive! Daddy put on a suit of armor and smoked his pipe. Hooray!

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