Reader Roundup: How To Respond To Inappropriate Uterus Inquiries


Today’s best comments are here! Prepare to be dazzled.

Best Comment Of The Day in response to California Bill Would Crack Down On Paparazzi: “I hope this doesn’t pass because I just bought my kid the Lil’ TMZ kit and mama needs a new Chanels bag.”
Best Comment Of The Day in response to Craigslist Killer Lends Urgency To Campaign Against “Adult Services”: “If Craigslist shuts down its adult services section, the sex traffickers will just move to Etsy.”
Best Comment Of The Day in response to Leave Mariah Carey’s Uterus Alone:

Maybe we should start replying to intrusive pregnancy questions with equally offensive questions.
“How’s your colon right now – full of shit?”
“Got some blue balls? Maybe you need to release your sperm sac, bud.”
“Is that milk in your boobs or are you just happy to see me?”

Best Comment Of The Day in response to Frances Bean Lashes Out At Mom Courtney Love:

How can anybody tell what Ted Casablanca is ever saying? His columns are all “Hunky Himbo hunkered down with Sassy Sec on Saturday. They noshed on noodles and talked turkey. Guess who don’t sue!” And from that we are understand that Barack and Hillary met for dinner and discussed the drawdown of troops from Iraq. He’s incomprehensible.

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