Reader Roundup: Modern-Day Marie Antoinette Says, "Let Them Eat Chanel"


Today’s best comments are in the bag.

Best Comment Of The Day in response to Blake Lively: Chanel Is A Purse Made Of Dreams:

It is most than just a purse … it’s my food budget for a year.

Best Comment Of The Day in response to Taylor Swift & Jake Gyllenhaal No Longer Singing “You Belong With Me”:

Script for Ouija
Setting: A 13 year old’s slumber party.
Jennifer: You’re moving it!
Jessica: I am not moving it!
Katie: Guys! Shh! Listen to the spirits.
Becky: *sitting on the sidelines* You guys! We shouldn’t be doing this!
Katie: Shut up, Becky.
Jessica: Okay, okay, okay. Ouji Board: will I marry Robert Pattinson?
Jennifer: You can’t! He’s dating Kristen Stewart!
Jessica: I’m asking the board.
Becky: *getting weepy* You guys! I’m scared! Can’t we play something else or watch a movie?
Katie: Oh my God, shut up Becky!
Repeat for and additional 89 minutes, 45 seconds.

Best Comment Of The Day in response to Woman Calls 911 To Force Boyfriend To Propose:

Ok people, once again, repeat after me:
If I have to pressure/force/convince/cajole/issue an ultimatum/fake a pregnancy/call 911 to get someone to marry me, I do not want to by married to that person.
Repeat as many times as necessary.

Best Comment Of The Day, also in response to Woman Calls 911 To Force Boyfriend To Propose:

“911, what is your emergency?”
“Yes, hello? Yes, my boyfriend will not propose to me?”
“Excuse me?”
“Well you see, we’ve been together 5 years now and he’s never proposed!”
“I see m’am. Can you put him on the phone?”
“Yes, Sir? Are you this woman’s boyfriend?”
“Sir, I have one thing to say to you… Run. Run and don’t look back.”
“Thank you for the advice.”
“To serve and protect Sir.”

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