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By the very nature of our jobs, we Jezebel writers receive a significant amount of hate mail. Usually, these emails are easy to dismiss or laugh off, but occasionally you get one that’s so thoughtfully critical that it actually makes you stop and reconsider your life choices. This is one of those emails.

On September 17, I wrote—as a part of our twice daily celebrity gossip column, Dirt Bag—a post with the headline Tom Brady Is Dumb. It covered Brady’s casual endorsement of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

I received many angry emails about this post, but one, sent by a gentleman named Mark, really stood out among the rest.

Madeline [Editor’s note: It’s “Madeleine”],
What I don’t understand is that all of you ladies, especially immigrant women like Asians and Latinas and white women who worship Tom Brady, especially when you only specifically date white men, put white men on a pedestal, then wonder why dim wits like Tom endorse and worship patriarchy idiots like Trump?
Keep white privilege and patriarchy alive by keeping white men on a pedestal!
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Wow. I just got schooled on the patriarchy by a man who’s still using an AOL email address.

You wake up thinking that you know how your day’s going to go and then—BOOM—some casual reader who probably found your article because he routinely Googles “Tom Brady” or “Donald Trump” comes along and blows your mind—and the minds of your Asian and Latina coworkers—wide open.

Thanks, Mark. You really made us think.

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