Reformation's New 'Low Carb' Collection Is an Earth Day Miracle 


In honor of Earth Day, sustainable retailer Reformation has launched two very cool planet-friendly initiatives: a tool called Refscale that explains the environmental impact of each item sold on the website, and a “Low Carb Collection,” designed to require a minimal quantity of CO2 for production.

The collection, which ranges in price between $28-$218, is cute, low-key cool-girl garb—really no different than what they’ve always done, which is a feat in itself, considering the collection boasts the company’s lowest carbon footprint to date:

As for Refscale, it uses an earth icon for every product on the website to chart out how much water and carbon dioxide was used to make it, and how much was saved in comparison to the industry standard. Here’s an example:

In an interview with WWD, Yael Aflalo, the CEO of Reformation, explained that more measurements are coming: “In the coming months we will add waste, toxicity and fair labor to the Refscale. At the end of the year, we will publish the total bill of all the resources we used, saved and invested.”

According to WWD, Aflalo also said that Reformation invests in environmental offsets in exchange for the resources that are used during production, like investing in clean water solutions and working to plant forests (which remains the best way to recapture CO2 from the air).

Reformation is a responsible company in a deeply irresponsible industry; if this idea catches on, it could really do the world some good. Happy Earth Day, everybody!

Images via Kenneth Cappello/Reformation

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