Rihanna Kept Out Of Grammys; Lohan Headed To Haiti

  • Apparently when Grammy Awards organizers say to be on time they mean it: Rihanna showed up a few minutes late and security guards wouldn’t let her in the theater.
  • Rihanna had to stand outside the doors with a crowd pressed up against her until the opening act was over. She was spotted craning her neck to watch Lady Gaga and Elton John‘s performance on a TV monitor. [Showbiz 411]
  • Jamie Foxx said of the Grammy acceptance speech by Prince Michael Jackson and Paris Jackson, “They spoke eloquently, they spoke with truth.” [Radar]
  • Blanket Jackson didn’t join his siblings onstage because he “became overwhelmed” minutes before they were supposed to go out. [Us]
  • Pink said of her acrobatic performance at the Grammys, “When I do it [on tour], I don’t have lights above me. Tonight, there were lights above me, so it almost went into a strobe thing, and I actually did get a little turned around.” [People]
  • Miley Cyrus skipped the parties after the Grammys and went to a Mexican restaurant with her mom. [E!]
  • Taylor Swift was trying to hold her four Grammy statues in her arms at the press room, but she dropped one and broke it. [Radar]
  • Rip Torn was arraigned today on several charges related his drunken break-in at a Connecticut bank. He did not enter a plea and was released on $100,000 bond. His lawyer says he’ll go to alcohol rehab, and may even enter a program tomorrow. [AP]
  • Rip Torn shouted “Pardon” and “Con permiso” at reporters as he left the court house. He’ll be back in court on Friday, and his lawyer says he’ll probably plead not guilty. [TMZ]
  • According to the police report, when they found Rip Torn in the bank he wasn’t wearing any shoes, his zipper was down and he had a loaded .22 caliber pistol in his pocket. [TMZ]
  • Why was Nick Nolte rummaging through garbage cans and dumpsters on the Venice, CA boardwalk last week? [Radar]
  • Angelina Pivarnick says (now that Jersey Shore is a huge success) she’s decided to appear on the show’s second season. [TMZ]
  • Jersey Shore‘s Pauly D says the rumor that he’s dating Teen Mom‘ s Farrah Abraham isn’t true. His agent explains, “He thinks she’s hot but he’s never met the girl.” [Radar]
  • The National Italian American Foundation isn’t happy that Jersey Shore has been renewed for a second season. [Us]
  • Geri Halliwell was spotted out with her boyfriend Henry Beckwith, who was busted for cocaine possession last week. [The Sun]
  • Tila Tequila deleted her Twitter account today after people criticized a photo she posted of what she bought her three-year-old nephew. Before removing her account she wrote: “Look at the hater comments being left on this pic! HOW SAD THAT PEOPLE TALK S—T ABOUT A 3 YEAR OLD KID… “Twitter, by FAR as THE MOST HATEFUL, DEVIL WORSHIPPERS, RACIST, AND VIOLENT COMMUNITY THAT I HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED! TWITTER IS BAD.” [Radar]
  • Oh dear: Gael Garcia Bernal and Dolores Fonzi have split up and he’s asking for a DNA test on her son Lazarus because he’s not sure he’s his son. [ONTD]
  • Etta James‘ manager says she’s still in the hospital recovering from an infection. [AP]
  • Once again, Drew Barrymore and Justin Long are not engaged. [Radar]
  • At a hearing today a judge ruled that Janine Lindemulder can make daily calls to her 6-year-old daughter Sunny, who currently lives with Jesse James and Sandra Bullock. Lindemulder still isn’t allowed to visit her daughter. [E!]
  • Michael Lohan and Kate Major are going to Haiti to help earthquake victims. “I’ll be going there in about three weeks,” said Lohan. “I’ve raised about $125,000 in goods for Haiti.” [Radar]
  • Hailey Glassman Tweeted the name of a song that refers to a man with a small penis and dedicated it to Jon Gosselin. Radar won’t print the name of the song because, “It’s just too explicit.” What? Radar has standards? [Radar]
  • Katy Perry says she hasn’t ruled out eloping with Russell Brand. “We just want it to mean something. It doesn’t matter if it’s just me and him or if it’s a big, fat ordeal,” she said. [Us]
  • Russell Brand joked that he and Katy Perry, “Are going to do the wedding naked! All the families will be naked!” So he wants a traditional Betazoid wedding? [People]
  • When asked about her wedding plans, Carrie Underwood said, “We have some of the big decisions made… I don’t care about details. I just want to show up and have a good time!” [People]
  • More than 12,000 copies of a pop-up book by Ricky Gervais disappeared en route to an Indiana warehouse. The books are worth $240,000. [MediaBistro]
  • Matthew Fox says that after the series finale of Lost, “I won’t be doing any more television… I’ve done two six-year shows, about 300 hours of television. I’m done with that.” [Us]
  • “For me, the entire journey of Lost has been walking that fine line between discovering Sawyer’s humanity and, yet, keeping his edge of anger and destructiveness. He’s been through every situation possible, emotionally and physically. Sometimes, it’s been scary to get in touch with his growth, especially his relationship with Juliet. I really thought the audience might reject the softer side of Sawyer we saw in that. As for what will happen with him and Kate, all I can say is they have a love that is undeniable, but maybe it must be denied.” — Josh Holloway [Parade]
  • Kim Cattrall says her work schedule is responsible for her split from Alan Wyse. “It’s very hard for someone not involved in this business to really understand what it’s about. You work 12-hour days, and something like a series literally consumes your life. I think it’s just time not there, really. But I’m still hopeful that I’ll meet someone,” she said. [Daily Express]
  • Morgan Freeman joked about working with Matt Damon in Invictus, “We don’t get on all that good – He’s got a big head, he thinks he’s good-looking and all that, we didn’t get on all that well at all as a matter of fact.” [Mirror]
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