Rogue Boob Makes Surprise Appearance on Wedding Ringer Red Carpet


Laura Govan, of Basketball Wives L.A. fame, was just hanging out, looking fabulous and free while walking the red carpet at the premiere for The Wedding Ringer when one of her boobs decided to take a NSFW jaunt.

In need of a puff of that fresh Hollywood air, the boob lets itself free. “Lol, she won’t notice.”

She doesn’t. Or does she? Oblivious to the roaming tit, sister Gloria Govan feels nothing, neither on her back nor in her soul…

She says nothing.

The boob plays coy, hangs out, winks, chills, till the show’s over. Its job is done.

Alt headlines, per the Jezebel staff:

  • Fuck It, Here’s My Boob
  • Tara Reid Couldn’t Make It Guys, But I’m Here
  • Define Sibling Love. This Ain’t It
  • Hey, Quick Question: What Is This? We Have Literally No Idea
  • How Could You Not Know?
  • Basketball Wife Takes Her Boob For a Walk
  • Basketball Wife’s Boob Gets Some Fresh Air
  • Reality Star Takes Her Tit for a Walk
  • Sentient Boob Escapes Basketball Wife’s Dress
  • Braggy Boob Steals The Spotlight on Red Carpet
  • Reality TV Reaches Its Logical, Bare-Breasted Conclusion
  • Boob Makes Break for Freedom
  • Boob Goes Rogue on Red Carpet

Images via Splash

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