Royals Can Stop Pretending They Were Fine with a Girl, Says Tina Brown


Not to be outdone by CNN’s totally misunderstood royalty expert correspondent — THIS IS HER CHRISTMAS, Y’ALL! — British science and magazine-ruining expert Tina Brown weighed in on the birth of the royal baby yesterday by praising Kate Middleton on her expert son-producing loins. “Now the royals can stop pretending they were fine with a girl 1st!” said an adult woman in the year 2013 CE. (But I thought men had ended?)

Maybe this is more of that sophisticated, dry British humor that I don’t get (you know, like when John Cleese walks all silly without laughing or the way the act like the alphabet ends with “zed”), but, like, there are funnier ways to poke fun at the suffocating old timiness of the monarchy, right? Without pretending like you don’t understand anything about how chromosomes work? And, like, the joke should be obviously a joke, right? I shouldn’t have to sit there and squint at my computer screen and waffle back and forth about it, right? There should be a punchline? I appreciate a wisecracking media type as much as the next person (and I realize that this is probably rich, coming from me) but sometimes I think comedy should be left to the professionals.

Brown elaborated on her position on this morning’s Morning Joe. Via TPM:

As soon as William really kind of emerged into the public eye, you had this wholesome prince and his choice of Kate Middleton turns out to be absolutely impeccable. I mean, once again, she does the perfect thing. I mean, although there’s the constitutional change that we can now have a girl as the first born to be the monarch, nonetheless, she does the traditional thing, and she gives us a prince. She gives a king. I mean, let’s face it, the Queen will be thrilled. She and the Duke of Edinburgh, much as they would have said they would have been fine with a girl first born, they really did want a boy and they got one.

I guess we can all take comfort in the fact that if Kate had given birth to a girl, people would probably think of even more dumb crap to say about it.


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