Sandra Lee Compares Herself and Andrew Cuomo to Waaaay Cooler Couple

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Sandra Lee, whose Sandra Dee-Sara Lee mashup of a name I’ve always felt to be perfect for her perky brand of from-package-to-arterial-plaque-age “cooking,” says that she will never leave her boyfriend and New York governor-elect Andrew Cuomo‘s side.

  • “Andrew and I will be together forever, whether we decide to be the next Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell or not,” Lee chirped. It’s like giving yourself a zany nickname, though: I don’t think you just get to decide. [Page Six]
  • Jeremy Renner, whom I found impossibly pockmarkedly foxy in The Town, was cast in the new Mission Impossible movie “with the intention of possibly taking over for Tom Cruise.” Can we finagle a way to get Tom Hardy in there somehow as well? [People]
  • Taylor Lautner met his girlfriend’s father, his girlfriend’s father being … Phil Collins. “You can’t hurry love,” Collins said to the lad. “You’ll just have to wait.” I know I certainly wouldn’t want to be on the bad side of the man who wrote this song. [Daily Express]
  • I gotta tell ya, it’s a bit of a gossip wasteland out there this morning, folks. This Page Six “headline” sums up everything you need to know. I had to Google 75% of the bold-faced names. I bet if you silk screened this onto a faded t-shirt it would sell well on Orchard Street. [Page Six]
  • Heidi Fleiss‘s Nevada mansion burned down. I don’t know what’s more impressive: that TMZ managed to write an entire piece without using the phrase “Holllywood madam” or that they described the accompanying video with this sentence: “Heidi can be seen talking with the fire chief while carrying one of her infamous birds.” [TMZ]
  • A “cowboy samurai” movie starring Geoffrey Rush and Kate Bosworth sat on the shelf for nearly three years due to budget constraints but is slated to be released soon. “For what its worth, Rush didn’t sound like a man worried that The Warrior’s Way might be his Norbit-esque disgrace at next year’s Oscars,” says Movieline in a quote that I don’t think will end up in the promotional materials. [Movieline]
  • As if getting your kids into a good elementary school wasn’t stressful enough, now there’s the promise that Mark Wahlberg might see you at a school function and think to cast you in a lead role. If you look and act like Christian Bale, that is. [Daily Express]
  • Diane Sawyer is reportedly frustrated that her Where In The World is Carmen Sandiego schedule keeps placing her in the wrong country at the wrong time: she was stuck in China, of all places, while “the news was in England with the royal engagement,” and it wasn’t until after she left Asia that all the Korean trouble decided to spring up. So inconsiderate of Kim Jong-il! [Page Six]
  • And finally: Does someone at the AP Images have a mean streak/sense of humor? Check out the “People” tag on the Horton Hears a Who balloon. That’s way harsh, Tai.
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