Say a Prayer for the Victoria's Secret Model Who Ate a Pear at In-N-Out


I have seen the 2001 motion picture film Head Over Heels, and so I understand that it is very difficult to be a model. It appears time has not made this easier, or so I learned from the plight of one Victoria’s Secret model, who found herself at an In-N-Out last week and ate nary an Animal Style fry.

Indeed, according to, on Wednesday model Kelly Gale posted a series of videos to her Instagram Story at an In-N-Out Burger in Monterey, California. Now, if I were in In-N-Out-blessed California and not sad, In-N-Out-devoid New York, I too would document my experience on social media.

But Kelly Gale and I are different people, and her videos did not show her shoving a Double Double down her throat at an alarming speed. Instead, they showed her jumping rope outside the establishment and eating a very sad-looking pear.

“We’re at … In-N-Out? … So I guess I’m having my pear,” Gale says in one video, captioning a photo of the In-N-Out sign with “Not gonna pretend that I eat here guys cause I don’t,” in another.

The videos sparked some backlash, with folks pointing out that mocking people at a fast food joint is a liiiiiiittle bit (i.e., extremely) body shame-y. And considering Victoria’s Secret’s longstanding issues with size-inclusivity (among other things), this isn’t a great look.

Still, I feel for Gale, who went all the way to an In-N-Out only to do an exercise and eat a fruit. And not just any fruit, but a pear, which is arguably the most boring fruit of all. You’re in California, at least have a damn avocado.

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