Scandal: Presidential Balls and Your Olivia Pope Moment of the Week


Once again this week, although Olivia Pope had a great moment or two, she got straight up out-fierced by some of the other folks on Scandal.

Still, we did get to see Olivia do what Olivia does best: Handle shit and yell at the President of the United States. Negotiating to get Jake out of The Hole was pretty intense (“You bring him back!”) as Olivia juggled the supposed most powerful man in the country, Fitz — and the real most powerful man in the country, her own damn father.

Olivia had another pretty good moment when she gave a richly ironic speech about lying, since she’s Queen Liar, but you could tell she was fully aware that she was talking about herself, and not Jeanine.

But even better: Fitz asking Cyrus, “How presidential are my balls now, Cy?”







HPAMBN. Did Shonda Rhimes write that? Can we send her a bottle of red wine and some Olivia-Pope approved popcorn? Because that was amazing.

Finally: We know he has PTSD, but Huck snapping on Liv — as he realized that her dad is head of B613 — elicited actual gasps from me. What the Huck.

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