Science Says Peeing in the Ocean Is A-OK, So Let It Flow


But don’t shit in the ocean, because then you’re just a monster.

For the environmentally minded ocean peeing freaks in the house, science reporter Lauren Wolf is studying the effect human urine has on the sea. The results? Pee isn’t really bad for the ocean, it’s just bad for us drama queens who don’t want to get real about human bodily fluids.

“No question, pee in the ocean,” biochemist Stuart Jones told Ms. Wolf. “Urine is harmless stuff in the first place and is diluted to the point of insignificance within minutes. There are far more harmful things in the ocean to worry about!”

Ugh, minutes! I was really hoping for seconds here, but I guess it’ll have to do. So, next time you’re swimming with the fishies (pee-shies?) and you need to relieve yourself, feel free to add an extra 200 ml to the ocean.

[via Betabeat]

Shutterstock/Max Topchii

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