Season 3 of Jersey Shore Family Vacation Features Horses and Divorces


It’s true that the outdoors are technically the natural habitat for the Jersey Shore crew, if you consider the alcohol-soaked dunes of the Garden State’s beaches “the outdoors.” But what happens when you take them away from all that and put them on a horse? Make them fish? Paddle around in a canoe? Drive in a large van singing about beer? I don’t know! Probably the same shit!

A new teaser trailer for Jersey Shore Family Vacation sees the gang engaging in wholesome activities like wearing cowboy hats and fishing, but according to People, the series will also handle more serious matters, because we’re in our 30s now:

In addition to the road trip, the new season will chronicle [Mike “The Situation”] Sorrentino’s Nov. 1, 2018 wedding to his longtime girlfriend Lauren Pesce, as well as his prison sentencing. In October, just one month before he tied the knot, he was sentenced to eight months in prison and two years of supervised release in his tax evasion case.
It will also follow [Jenni JWoww] Farley as she contemplates filing for divorce from husband Roger Mathews, plus the weeks leading up to the birth of Deena Cortese‘s first child.

Marriage! Prison time! Divorce! Tax evasion! Babies! All the usual stages of life, present and accounted for. But not everything has changed: Strangely stable hairlines, extremely thick accents and alcohol-induced vomit are shorever. Oh yeah, and…family, I guess. The new season premieres July 11.

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