Second Lab Test Shows Brittany Murphy May Have Been Poisoned


A second lab test of the late actress Brittany Murphy’s hair samples shows there were unusually high levels of heavy metals and toxins in her system, fueling speculation of foul play once again.

The Examiner reports on the lab’s findings:

The certified lab report was delivered today, confirming the presence of abnormally high levels of Barium, Sulfur (ingredients common in rodenticides/pesticides) and other heavy metals and toxins in Brittany Murphy’s hair samples.

The second test was ordered by her father, Angelo Bertolotti, who has been vocal about his theory that his daughter was murdered. Bertolotti elaborated on his beliefs today to the Examiner:

In response to the question about whether Brittany’s death was ever adequately investigated, Mr. Bertolotti answered: “No, it definitely wasn’t. Brittany exhibited many symptoms of poisoning, but the Coroner’s Office didn’t test her remains for any poisons or toxins. They didn’t remove her nail polish to check for Mees’ lines. Brittany’s hair was collected by the Criminalist, but no toxicology was done. There was irregularly-shaped flattened material in Brittany’s stomach that looked like partially digested medication. It wasn’t positively identified as any type of a drug, but was never tested for poison. My child died in agony, suffering from strong abdominal pain and violently vomiting, until her body shut down. Her death was brushed under the carpet. People who should have cared, didn’t.

In 2009, the Los Angeles Coroner’s Office ruled that the then 32-year-old actress died of pneumonia, anemia and prescription drug intoxication. Pneumonia and anemia were also listed as cause of death in the passing of Simon Monjack, Murphy’s husband who died five months after she did.

Murphy’s mother, Sharon Murphy disputed Bertolotti’s claims in a letter to the Hollywood Reporter. Similar findings from an earlier test from an independent lab also ordered by Bertolotti were called into question.

The full interview with Bertolotti, along with the lab report is here.

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