See Kelly Osbourne's New Ads For Madonna's Clothing Line

  • Kelly Osbourne, the new face of the tween-focused Macy’s line to which Madonna licensed her image, says Lourdes Leon “is the sweetest girl. She’s the most unaffected, well-mannered, well-brought up, sweet, loving, caring, normal girl I’ve ever met in her situation.” And of all people, we suppose Kelly Osbourne — who poses in the ad campaign with a boombox as big as the Ritz — should know a little about her situation. “I’ve always been a huge, huge, huge fan of Madonna, but it completely changed my whole opinion of her — made me like her even more once I met Lola because she’s done a fantastic job with her. Madonna is one of my idols and my first single I ever released was a cover of ‘Papa Don’t Preach.'” It’s so great when celebrities are contractually nice to one another! [ContactMusic]
  • Lady Gaga appears surrounded by some bedazzled Hirst-lite skulls and a goldfish in a martini glass for this MAC Viva Glam ad. [YouTube]
  • Um, so this is weird, but Colson Whitehead is in the new Vogue, the one with Lady Gaga on the cover. [Fashion Bomb Daily]
  • Allegedly, Kate Moss announced at a dinner that John Galliano will be making her wedding dress. [Modelinia]
  • André Leon Talley and Martha Stewart were talking formative Oscar fashion moments. “And Barbara Streisand, when she got her Oscar, she took the stairs with see-through bell-bottoms and everyone saw everything. All the Netherlands in the geographical non-mentionable places!” said André. “REALLY?!” replied Martha. Oh yes, continued André. “I saw it on TV and it was one of my favorite moments!” [Racked]
  • Tattooing a celebrity’s face on your arm — does that ever end well? What about when it’s Kim Kardashian? [WWD]
  • Harmony Korine shot an Urban Outfitters catalog. [Teen Vogue]
  • Apparently, when Valentino Garavani saw Tom Ford dining with Colin Firth, the retired designer…stared at them. As would we, you know? [P6]
  • Well, this is odd: “In a rare fit of self-flagellation for a public company, J. Crew has gone out of its way to highlight its financial and operational weaknesses in an effort to justify the pending $3 billion takeover by TPG Capital and Leonard Green & Partners. Shareholders will vote on the deal on Tuesday. In a presentation to investors Wednesday, J. Crew called attention to its ‘disappointing’ profit guidance, underlined declining same-store sales and warned of longer-term challenges.” J. Crew is really pulling out all the stops in pursuit of this damn leveraged buy-out. [WWD]
  • Julia Restoin-Roitfeld: now bottling her smelly essence for public consumption. [Elle]
  • “Is that Boy George?” Lynn Yaeger reports someone in the crowd asked while she was entering the Vivienne Westwood show. “Westwood is in her typical form, which means multifarious plaids, kilts attached to trousers, and other wonderful ideas that haven’t lost their glitter even after all these years. And, yes, it is George, in full makeup and sporting a hot pink Trilby hat embellished with studded skull and crossbones, keeping the spirit of louche London alive, as if Lee McQueen is lurking just behind the runway and George is off to a night of dirty glamour at Heaven and the Ministry of Sound.” [The Cut]
  • Keds is expanding into clothing, starting next spring. [WWD]
  • We were flicking through the New Yorker last night and came across one of those punishingly lame ad-masquerading-as-a-cartoon things that magazine is so given to publishing — and our mind immediately flashed to Spring 2011 Prada. A writer at Fashionista had the same thought! And went so far as to track down the specific look that the cartoon lady is shown wearing. Presented side-by-side, the evidence really is convincing. This is weird on so many levels. We’d also like to point out that the shoes are Prada, too. [Fashionista]
  • The Fug Girls have a YA novel! [GFY]
  • Nicola Formichetti, the new creative director of the newly revived Thierry Mugler — which is now named “Mugler,” tout court — is releasing one “official inspiration image” every day between now and next week, when the first women’s collection will walk during Paris fashion week. The first inspiration image is a really dark and murky black-and-white photograph of a black bust of Nefertiti, sprinkled with ice or crystals or something. How daring! The Internet will lap this up. [The Cut]
  • An advisory notice for any of you who plan to sit on any public benches or bus shelter seats in Auckland, New Zealand, anytime soon: a local boutique has covered them with raised metal lettering that leaves an impression on the backs of unwitting people’s thighs. To advertise a sale on shorts. Geddit? [Copyranter]
  • Saks Fifth Avenue is back in the black. During the quarter just ended, Saks made a profit of around $25 million. For the year 2010, Saks made net earnings of $48 million, compared with a loss of $58 million in 2009. [WWD]
  • This is exactly what fashion shows are like. “And then the room turned back into the opening scene of Saving Private Ryan I guess you can never have too many pictures of someone who was once married to a member of the Rolling Stones.” [Vice]
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