Selfie Loathing: Beyoncé Posts Pictures From Bed


Welcome back to America’s premiere Vanity Smurf playground. Every Friday, we round up celebrity Instagrams and present them without comment. This week: Oprah received a fuckton of flowers for her birthday; Coco Rocha’s doing roller-skate lunges; Mindy Kaling has a cute new love interest; and Beyoncé’s in bed. Enjoy.

#miami we made it. Gonna have so much fun! I hope to wake up in some strange mans boat! #noregrets

The sensation and inspiring #icon @patcleveland at the#zacposen#showroom

Getting my workout on at @milkstudios today! #xanadu#illbesoretomorrow

Rainbow Brite. #nofilter

talk about a #FlashBackFriday! #regram from @voguemagazine#fromthearchives (originally photographed by Annie Leibowitz for April 2010 issue) that was a shoot I will never forget…I remember a Record breaking snowstorm hit NYC the night before this shoot, and we decided to take our swim suit shoot from the studio to the snow cover streets! As Annie was photographing me standing in a swim suit in this snow storm in Central Park, a TV News crew came and filmed us… and that news story made it to the local nightly news. My grandma saw it all the way in Baltimore and called me up and scolded me for being in a bathing suit in a snow storm. It was an epic shoot I will never forget! thank you for the flashback @voguemagazine ❤️

I love this #flashbackfriday with @bethenny flashing WAAAY back


The best love interest I ever had on#themindyproject

me x ryan murphy �� #glee

#TGIF #glee #BEHINDthescenes

Been sleeping in this Strokes t-shirt since 10th grade and it’s still not paper thin/I’m still into pop music

Yes I had a meeting at #EssenceMagazine today. So major for me. First @janetmock opened the door and now I am there too. #girlslikeus #twoc #blackgirlsrock @oitnb #OITNB

Just had the worst flight! Thank god @JoanCollinsOBEwas there to save the day! These people were talking soooooo loud for 10 hours! Joan made the flight bearable! #SheIsOneOfMyIdols I love her! #ATrueLegend

Houston, TX 1996

Finally met my childhood crush- @rihanna – wait, strike that reverse it. #hot

M &M ! Don”t ever Tell us We Can’t STOP!#revolutionoflove

Waiting for Miley……..Un-plugged and Un-apologetic!!#MTV#artforfreedom

@shelbyrenjifo Sending love and support to the family of Jennifer Sparacino and the girls of Our Lady of Mercy Academy. #LOVEjs

To the funniest, most inspiring, incredible man I know.. @WilmerValderrama – thank you for helping me get through my darkest moments.. You truly are a light to this world and to my life.. Happy Birthday!!!


Congrats to all the #samelove couples tonight. You had me in tears of joy for y’all! Also… Look who caught the bouquet!!! #okuuuurrrr

Weirdo shit

Good morning

Seahawks plane headed to NYC…..TURN UP!!!!!!! #superbowl #seahawks

Sometimes we work as bouncers at roller rinks. Mostly children’s parties and stuff. @hunterparrish #oitnb

#throwbackthursdays Season 1 Damon at his house in Mystic Falls- Circa 1864

@dr_woo_ssc mini portrait of my father

Spoiler alert. In the end I win. Winter is here.

Never seen a long stem rose this long. Birthday Roses from Cicely Tyson!

An iced tea toast to my birthday with @mariashriver.#birthdaylunch

Lots of Birthday love. It’s beginning to look a lot like funnnn!

Loved these beautiful orchids from @TheEllenShow and note: “Have a beautiful birthday & night, and let it bleed into the next day.. And evening and then that’s enough”.#goodadvice

A basket of spring in January from @BishopJakes. #morebirthdaylove

It’s official: I am invited. I am going!!! #Oscars

Ford commercial – plays before the kick off – check it out – me and my tiger friend, just chillin

#FullHouse Reunion at 11! #FullClubhouse#WWHL

Maison Michel is my favorite for head pieces and hats! 🙂 lucite ears lol

Grammy Night #TBT

#OITNB hang with @valerievelez76 @dashpolanco #alexvause#daya

Jay Leno swag ❤️❤️❤️watch me tonight talk about#bangerztour

A First Selfie with First Lady @MichelleObama watch video of our whole chat over at thx

It seems I’ve coordinated my nail polish with my blood perfectly! (Currently experiencing a detox spa in Sicily)

My attempt to look chic in these trainers they made me wear at the detox spa in Sicily.

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