Seth Rogen Is My Favorite Weed Daddy

Ah, to be the slippery clay between Rogen the ceramicist's fingers.

Seth Rogen Is My Favorite Weed Daddy
Photo:Rich Fury / Staff (Getty Images)

Seth Rogen has taken up pottery, and with that, we have all taken up thirsting after him in a way that would have probably made a mid-2000’s Rogen giddy.

Chalk it up to a dearth of literally any good news, his upgraded style, or his relatable honesty about smoking weed all day, every day, but Rogen’s looking hot these days. Throughout the pandemic, his 9.2 million followers have become briefed in his “I made this vase,” tweets, accompanied by a sexy looking psychedelic vessel or two.

On Monday, for his new weed and design company Houseplant, Rogen invented a rolling tray:

That’s a nice-lookin’ joint if you ask me. Maybe, it’s because I’m from Brooklyn and there’s a man in a Mister Rogers cardigan and wire-rimmed glasses rolling a joint on every corner, but this newfound appeal just makes sense. He’s all comfort in a world full of hard edges.

Perhaps, like Red’s re-release, Lindsay Lohan’s return to the screen, and Britney’s hard-fought freedom, Rogen’s a modern version of a nostalgic relic. What are we all doing if not trying to re-create our youth in some tender way?

Rogen himself is obsessed with youth and adolescence. In Jonah Weiner’s New York Times Magazine profile from earlier this year, Rogen said: “…the world is very scary and chaotic-feeling,” and youth is “the time in people’s lives that feels it could use the most organizing. It’s the least-reconciled part of a lot of people’s lives: ‘What do I do with that?’”

It’s also important to note that Rogen’s pottery is actually good and useful. Houseplant, which sells weed and “thoughtfully designed objects and nice things,” is a millennial’s wet dream, so much so that the site crashed due to an overwhelming amount of visitors when the U.S. brand launched. A comedic genius, a ceramist, and a business-man? Hot, hot, hot.

I’ll leave you with this horny TikTok, for which the first comment reads: “I’m a simp for Seth Rogan lol” [sic].


#greenscreen like are u KIDDING ME?? ughhhhhh #sethrogen #fyp

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