Shock and Awe!!! Famous Teen Heartthrob Seen With Lookalike 'Gal Pal'

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Shock and Awe!!! Famous Teen Heartthrob Seen With Lookalike 'Gal Pal'

A famous actor person had a Chala-meet-cute at a Chalet in Cabo San Lucas with also famous actor person Eiza Gonzalez. Page Six refers to her as a “gal pal,” but TMZ reports that they “seem to be dating” after said actor broke up with Lily-Rose Depp. Me, though? I report that they look spookily similar. Good for them!

In case you’re unaware, this man is a “hot ticket item.” Some people on the internet seem really infatuated with this now-global woman kisser, who’s been snapped with his flings on yachts, beaches, and resorts across the world. Smack smack! That’s the sound his lips probably make.

Anyway, the big news here is that the young actor person apparently brought a guitar—or found one in a local souvenir shop—to romance Gonzalez with. Strum goes the strings of her heart! Fans everywhere are quaking, wondering if he’s found the new love of his fleeting, fickle life. I’m happy that everyone has something to think about now! Me, I’m still looking for answers as to why they look so similar. It’s fine, of course! They can look however they like.

If you too are shaking and shivering and finding yourself distraught by the thought of his lanky, smooth limbs fumbling around a jacuzzi somewhere in Cabo San Lucas, TMZ has you covered. You can check out all the hot pics here!

Britney Spears—she loves LGBTQs! Thanks, Britney. It’s nice to be loved, and I’m quite glad the mere thought of my existence is enough to make you act this patently demented. I do wonder, though, what exactly you mean by the fact that “articulate ourselves so well.” Personally, I can’t articulate myself at all. I can barely spell, I don’t know what a comma is or looks like, and the last I checked, I failed English Composition & Grammar my junior year. (To my credit, though, I was just cutting class a lot.)

No matter, really. I just have a lot of questions all the time, Britney. You know me! Anyway, I’d love it if you could tell me a few stories about the best nights of your life with LGBTQs. I love stories! I also love love. And you apparently love me, and all my fellow LGBTQs. That’s nice, too!

Here is a nice thing: Actors on Actors (at Home) featuring Zendaya and MJ Rodriguez.

Last week, YouTuber Kahlen Barry made a video explaining the racist behavior of former collaborator Tana Mongeau, fake-ex-wife to Jake Paul. She apologized, and now he has made a second video, responding to her “apology,” which you can watch here.

Ariana Grande supposedly sent food and coffee to voters waiting in line during Kentucky’s truly fucked (and suppressed) election.

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