Shonda Rhimes to Tweeter Who Doesn't Like 'Gay' Scenes: 'Bye Felicia'

Important life lesson: Don’t tell writers, actor or producers of shows you supposedly enjoy that you don’t like the “gay”scenes they depict unless you really want them to tell you what’s what. Especially don’t try that shit with Shonda Rhimes.

The past few episodes of How to Get Away with Murder and Scandal have, yes, featured some characters who happen to be gay having sexual encounters with other characters who also happen to be gay. Unless you are an actual character trapped forever in an early episode of Mad Men, you probably didn’t think much about it.

But as we know all too well, if you poke around Twitter or Facebook or Instagram or pretty much any online forum anywhere, there will always be someone who is disgusted or “fed up” with things that their small, petty minds can’t handle being exposed to. Case in point: This dumb tweet someone actually sent to Rhimes.

Rhimes responded and pretty much shut it all down, with a few tweets:

It’s important to note that this was absolutely not the only person who whined on Twitter about the “gay scenes” in the #Scandal and #HTGAWM hashtags when the shows aired. This isn’t just Rhimes taking down just one specific, foolish person. This is a message to all of this “UGH THE GAY SCENES” bullshit that fans of both shows have had to endure when they want to talk about it online. This is reminiscent of the “I’m-all-for-gay-rights-but-do-we-have-to-have-it-shoved-in-our-face” bullshit hypocrisy that rears its ugly head anytime LGBT people do pretty much anything in public (except act as sassy sidekicks on Sex and the City, but I’ll save that rant for another time).

But even better than that is Rhimes’ follow up tweet on the matter:

Nailed it.

Also, for the record, THIS is the only scene true fans of How to Get Away With Murder were freaking out about last week.

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