Sisters Bond In Adderall Scheme


Warning: Should you ever become embroiled in a criminal conspiracy, your silliest Facebook photo will be posted on The Smoking Gun. That’s what just happened to Pauline Wiltshire, recently arrested in an Adderall scheme that seems to implicate her sister.

Wiltshire, 30, is a medical student who was just arrested on a felony narcotics charge. She was caught in a DEA sting after advertising Adderall on Craigslist. The DEA said the prescriptions she herself for for Adderall over an 18-month period were “frequently filled in a succession of dates too close together to have been used exclusively for legitimate medical purposes.”

In her email to the DEA agents, Wiltshire said her sister Sarah, an attorney also pictured here, had Adderall. The pills were mailed from a post office two blocks from her sister’s home in Knoxville, Tennessee, but her sister hasn’t been charged. In the meantime, the photo is a vaguely embarrassing reminder of happier times.

Med Student Nabbed In Adderall Scheme [TSG]

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