Six-Year-Old Girl Just Finished Her First Half-Marathon, AND YOU?


A six-year-old just completed a half-marathon and I just made it half-way through Jonathan Franzen’s Freedom. We’re even!!!

It all started when Keelan Glass was four running in 5Ks. By five, she was onto 10Ks. Now, at the post-menopausal age of six, she’s finally conquered her first half marathon, finishing the 13.1-mile Showdown Half Marathon in just 2:46.31.

That time, a 12:47-mile pace, set a national age-group record. According to the Association of Road Racing Statisticians, Keelan became the youngest person to ever complete a half-marathon. The previous record was held by a nine-year-old.

Damn, baby girl!

What’s more, the six-year-old thinks she can run a full marathon by the time she’s 10. Girl, I’ll definitely be done with Freedom by then. Probably.

[KTXS, USA Today]

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