Snoop Dogg Creates the World's Largest Gin and Juice, Not a Moment Too Soon


In a world filled primarily with terrible news and cat memes, I am just thrilled to hear that Snoop Dogg, in partnership with Warren G and Top Chef’s Michael Voltaggio, has created the world’s largest gin and juice. It’s five feet tall, three feet wide, 550 liters and comes complete with a life-sized parasol and a straw the size of a railroad tie.

The event was hosted by Williams Sonoma, of all bizarre sponsors, at the BottleRock Napa Valley festival over the weekend. Nevermind that, though. Watching Snoop pour out 180 bottles of Hendricks into a glass the size of a dunk tank is like years of therapy condensed into one concise Instagram video:

Holy shit, that looks disgusting. I am so happy.

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