Social Network Producer Doesn't Like Fat Flight Attendants on Plane


Producer Dana Brunetti doesn’t want fat flight attendants on his plane.

For the folks who like to ask “WHO?” and hate to Google, Brunetti is president of Kevin Spacey’s Trigger Street Productions. His work includes House of Cards, The Social Network and the upcoming Fifty Shades of Grey. He is also the boyfriend of actress Kristin Chenoweth.

Brunetti’s tweet reads “Hey Delta, if you’re going to have overweight flight attendants, don’t put them on your regional jets. Had my arm bashed 6 times already.” Oof. Sure, that’s a great way for a company to do things. “Hi, if all our flight attendants could step on this scale so we can determine which routes you’ll be working; thanks.”

And to ward off all those “WHY ARE YOU SO OUTRAGED BY THIS, THERE’S MORE IMPORTANT THINGS TO BE WORRIED ABOUT” (because we can only ever express outrage about one thing at a time, by following some pre-established outrage hierarchy, I guess), let me clarify. I’m not “outraged.” I’m not even mad. You’re right, there’s far more important things deserving of our ire than a Hollywood producer who thinks it’s cool to mock people for their weight or complain about it publicly. I’m just disappointed—bummed out, more accurately. But it is interesting to see what the people who are part of creating the images of women in media we’re constantly discussing actually think.

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