Sounds Of Pleasure: A Masturbation Mixtape


Don’t have plans tonight? You do now! All you need is a quiet room (maybe stocked with some chocolate or wine?) and a “personal massager.” It could be your hand; it could be a Hitachi Magic Wand. That part’s up to you. What we’re going to do is supply the playlist. Yes: These are songs to touch yourself by.

Massive Attack, “Angel”
This track starts out slow and seductive, builds to a churning frenzy, then fades away into afterglow… But not before leaving you satisfied.

DJ Sasja Crnobrnja, “Raw Materials”
Breathy, sexy, slightly weird; the beat holds steady while the meandering chords encourage you to explore. Bear skin rug and didgeridoo not included.

DJ Sasja Crnobrnja, “Fun With Jute”
Another slow, sensual, moody but quirky track, begging for candlelight and a rainy night.

My Bloody Valentine, “To Here Knows When”
Dreamy, sweet, light, tender, perfect for losing yourself in ecstasy.

Thievery Corporation, “The Fakir”
Based on an old Cal Tjader/Lalo Schifrin jazz song, this tune is great for your “midnight in the oasis” fantasies. Start with a belly dance and then head lower.

Peter Gabriel, “The Feeling Begins”
Ignore the fact that this tune hails from the Last Temptation Of Christ soundtrack, and focus instead on the arousing, swirling melody, twisting like thick smoke from a hookah. Close your eyes and let it take you away.

Goldfrapp, “Strict Machine”
First there’s the pulsating beat, relentlessly rubbing up against you. Then there are the lyrics: I get high on a buzz / Then a rush when I’m plugged in you / I connect when I’m flush / You get love when told what to do / Wonderful electric… I’m in love, I’m in love / I’m in love with a strict machine. Yes, this is an ode to a vibrator.

Waka Flocka Flame, “O Let’s Do It”

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