Stars Go Red At ACE Eddie Awards


The 60th annual ACE Eddie Awards at the Beverly Hilton Hotel hit on Valentine’s day, which maybe explains why Gabourey Sidibe and friends were all in loved-up shades?

Regal, thy name is Sidibe.

Have I ever told you that I kind of love Mary Lynn Rajskub? And her shoes?

Kat Kramer was obviously like, wait, real stars don’t wanna come to a minor gala on Valentine’s Day? I’m available!

Can I bring a friend? She’ll also wear really shiny satin!

James Cameron is like: you’re my real Oscar, honey…and will look good next to the real real Oscar.

Michele Forbes: car scratch theatre.

Okay, I don’t love the Soup, but a lot of friends whose taste I respect are major Joel McHale fans. And I can see that the man’s got the self-deprecating dapper thing down.

[Images via Getty]

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