Stay in Westworld Long Enough and You're Gonna Cut Yourself Open


In the penultimate episode of Westworld’s second season, things are really getting moving. In the lawless world of the post-regulation, post-human park, it seems like there is no way to get out with your sanity in tact—you’re gonna cut yourself open, shoot yourself with something, start leaking goo.


On this week’s Westworld Conspiracy Corner, Deputy Editor Julianne Escobedo Shepherd and I discuss “Vanishing Point,” in which all our beloved, disparate characters are getting ready for the final encounter in their own completely deranged ways. Charlotte has turned poor Clementine into a telepathic host murderess; Robert Ford has monkey-barred himself into hospital bed-ridden Maeve’s brain, where he seems to be coaching her to health; meanwhile, Bernard manages to de-program himself of Ford, and abandons Elsie to do what he needs to do (so much of the misunderstandings on this show would be fixed if people/robots took five freaking minutes to explain why they are acting so weird); the real Teddy finds his way to the surface and tragically removes himself from Dolores’ narrative.

The very special Father’s Day episode focused primarily on the Man in Black, the worst father ever, and daughter Emily, who is trying to figure out why her mother’s life ended, and to get involved with MiB’s pursuit of immortality. Unfortunately, he has lost a screw, thinks she’s a host sent by Ford to sabotage his “quest” to the Valley Beyond, and he kills her, along with three other real humans. We leave him digging into his arm—will he find an Apple headphones dock?! Or just the bone of a nuts old rich?!

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