Stop Everything And Look At These Pics of Prince Harry in Antarctica


Prince Harry is going to Antarctica because that’s just the kind of shit princes do. They go to Antarctica or Narnia or wherever and take magical pictures like these.

Even more magical than Five O’clock Shadow Harry? The reason why he’s doing this. Prince Harry, who is fourth in line for the throne (aka nowhere near the King Ralph cone of obscurity) is making the trip with Walking With The Wounded charity, “taking part in a 335-kilometre race to the South Pole between three teams of wounded veterans representing Britain, the United States and the Commonwealth.” (I did the math for you; “335 kilometres” is roughly 4563 bajillion America miles, FYI.)

From E Online:

The teams—Soldier On (Australia and Canada), Soldiers to Summit (United States of America) and Walking with the Wounded (United Kingdom)—will now begin to acclimatize their bodies to the extreme conditions at the airbase, located at the edge of the Antarctic continent before beginning their expedition to the South Pole.

Walking With The Wounded raises money to retrain injured troops and help them find new careers after their service in the military. The 29-year-old prince is a patron of the charity. Rock on, Harry. For real.

Images via Twitter

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