Tallahassee's Progressive Mayor, Andrew Gillum, Wins Democratic Primary for Governor of Florida 


On Tuesday, Tallahassee mayor Andrew Gillum won Florida’s Democratic gubernatorial primary, beating out several better-funded and more moderate candidates, and defying expectations. The Intercept reported that Gillum, who if he prevails in November will be the first black governor in the history of the state, won narrowly by about 40,000 votes.

Gillum will face off against the Republican nominee, Representative Ron DeSantis, in November—only one will replace notorious fiend Rick Scott, who easily won his primary to become a GOP Senate candidate tonight. In June, DeSantis earned a glowing endorsement from President Donald Trump, which already speaks volumes.

Former congresswoman Gwen Graham, a moderate Democrat, was the favorite to win the gubernatorial nomination tonight; the New York Times called Gillum’s win “an upset” and a “major victory for the liberal wing of the Democratic Party.”

The Times has now framed the looming election as a match between “the Trump acolyte versus the black progressive.” And Gillum does take several impressive political positions: he supports universal health care, abolishing the Immigrations and Customs Enforcement agency, legalizing marijuana, repealing “Stand Your Ground,” and has not shied away from calling for Trump’s impeachment.

Gillum, whose four primary rivals far outspent him, said during a campaign stop in Miami on Saturday, “My opponents have spent, together, over $90 million in this race. We have spent four. Money doesn’t vote. People do.”

Bernie Sanders, who endorsed Gillum, was enjoying the moment too!

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