Tavi Gevinson Is Jamie Lee Curtis' Romantic Rival in Scream Queens


The premiere of Ryan Murphy’s Scream Queens is less than two months away, but the series’ casting announcements continue to trickle down like blood in the shower of a fictional sorority house where the sisters are being picked off one by one by a serial killer.

E! News reports that Tavi Gevinson—Rookie founder, actress, and fashion maven—has been cast in Scream Queens as Feather, the new, very young girlfriend of the ex husband of Jamie Lee Curtis’ Dean Cathy Munsch.

According to E! News:

How Munsch’s relationship ended, and how Tavi’s character Feather plays into it, is yet to be revealed, though there is a slight clue in the pilot when Munsch references the “perky 19 year-old my husband left me for.”

This show is going to be ridiculous and—I’m hoping—ridiculously fun.

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