Taylor and Calvin Shared a T-Shirt, Are One Step Closer to Marriage

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Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris have been seen wearing the same gray T-shirt, and that means they’re in love. In “You Are In Love,” a track from 1989 that was inspired by Jack Antonoff and Lena Dunham’s relationship (that part’s not a joke), Swift sings, “You keep his shirt, he keeps his word / And for once you let go of your fears and your ghosts / One step, not much, but it said enough.”

Did you catch that? “You keep his shirt.”

Calvin wore a gray shirt. Then Taylor wore the same gray shirt. That means they are in love. And being in love means you’re about to get married. And being married means you’re about to have babies. And before you start saying things like But they could both be wearing different gray shirts! Gray is a popular color for a t-shirt! and Come on, this is just a silly fan theory! please know that Taylor Swift fans are the most observant and incisive people on the planet and tabloid headlines never lie.


All Tyga and Kylie want to do is double date with Chris Brown and Rihanna. Claims an insider: “Tyga and Kylie’s love is in overdrive and he wants his boy Chris to be happily in love too. He certainly knows how much Breezy loves that Rihanna which, is why he and Kylie both want to go on a double date with them.”

A double date between those four is probably filled with a lot of whispering, uncomfortable laughter, unfinished plates, and loud sipping. And it probably ends with Chris and Tyga giving their girlfriends desperate stares when the check arrives.


And now, an AM Ashley Madison (AM/AM) roundup:

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  • Meanwhile, a porn star named Danica Dillon is going around telling people she and Josh Duggar totally did it. [Radar]
  • Despite his Ashley Madison account, Snooki thinks her husband Jionni LaValle is a “stand up guy.” [Us Weekly]
  • Hunter Biden says an Ashley Madison account under his name was set up without his knowledge. [Celebitchy]

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  • Tila Tequila is back on Twitter, and I’m as unsure of who Tila Tequila is as I was in 2006. [ONTD]
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  • Jim Bob Duggar is “like a dictator.” [People]
  • Sarah Jessica Parker was desperate to get out of her SATC contract after filming the pilot. [Us Weekly]
  • How is Calvin Harris so rich? [Daily Mail]

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