Taylor Swift Cheers Up Bullied Fan With Longform Instagram Comment

Kind-hearted forest spirit Taylor Swift recently took to Instagram to cheer up a fan who was having a hard time at high school, in the form of a sincere and ardent longform Instagram comment.

As tweeted by a T-Swift fan account, Taylor reached out to a fan who was in the throes of coping with bullies. Specifically, she penned the longest Instagram comment in the world in order to encourage the fan to stay strong:

Reading this made me so sad because I love seeing you in your videos and photos being so happy and wide eyed, like the world isn’t as harsh and unfair as it actually is. I hate thinking about your pretty face covered in tears, but I know why you’re crying because I’ve been in your place. This isn’t a high school thing or an age thing. It’s a people thing. A life thing. It doesn’t stop. It doesn’t end or change. People cut other people down for entertainment, amusement, out of jealousy, because of something broken inside them. Or for no reason at all.
It’s just what they do, and you’re a target because you live your life loudly and boldly. You’re bright and joyful and so many people are cynical. They won’t understand you and they won’t understand me. But the only way they win is if your tears turn to stone and make you bitter like them. It’s okay to ask why. It’s okay to wonder how you could try so hard and still get stomped all over. Just don’t let them change you or stop you from singing or dancing around to your favorite song.
You’re going into high school this week and this is your chance to push the reset button on how much value you give the opinion of these kids, most of whom have NO idea who they are. I’m so proud of you and protective of you because you DO. If they don’t like you for being yourself, be yourself even more.
Every time someone picks on me, I’ll think of you in the hopes that every time someone picks on you, you’ll think of me… and how we have this thread that connects us. Let them keep living in the darkness and we’ll keep walking in the sunlight. Forever on your side, Taylor.

I like to imagine Taylor Swift, Earnest Instagram Vigilante, sitting alone in her giant apartment: drinking box-wine out of a mason jar with one hand, idly going through her iPhone with the other, protecting the tender murmuring of teen hearts everywhere. [MTV]

Some people thought Betty White had died after reading the headline of a wildly not funny article on a “satirical news site.” National treasure Betty White is actually alive and well, thank goddess. The article responsible for this hoax was entitled “Actress Betty White, 92, Dyes Peacefully In Her Los Angeles Home.” It was about Betty White dying her hair in her house; it is one of the stupidest things on the Internet. Betty White is alive. [LA Times]

NBC is reportedly paying for Matt Lauer‘s helicopter rides to and from his mansion in the Hamptons because they really want to keep him happy. As anyone will tell you, the easiest way to a man’s heart is a through lavish sky-transport. [Page Six]

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