Taylor Swift Has Already Toppled A Star Is Born

Taylor Swift Has Already Toppled A Star Is Born
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Taylor Swift’s album Lover only just dropped on Friday, but it’s already overtaken the A Star Is Born soundtrack as the top-selling album in 2019. I imagine I am partially to thank for this, having texted at least 30 people this weekend to alert them that “Cruel Summer” is “a real bop,” so, yeah, you’re welcome, Taylor.

According to Billboard, Lover sold 500,000 copies by Saturday, surpassing A Star Is Born’s 444,000 copies sold in 2019 through August 22. In fairness to A Star Is Born, the soundtrack was released in October of last year, and has sold a total of 1..148 million copies in the U.S. to date. Still, Lover’s expected to sell at least 700,000 copies by the end of its first week, making it the biggest album release since Swift’s album reputation sold 1.216 million copies its first week out in 2017.

Also noteworthy: Lover sold 450,000 copies in its first day alone, Swift is now tied with Beyoncé for the most consecutive albums by a female artist to debut atop the Billboard 200, and, as previously stated, all my phone contacts now know that “Cruel Summer” is a real bop. Taylor, if you’re listening, I am comfortable accepting my thanks in the form of a signed poster.

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