Teens Weren't Looking Terrific At Jonas Brothers Movie Premiere


Perhaps one would expect the looks at the premiere of Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience at Hollywood’s El Capitan Theatre to be less sophisticated than other, older, (real) red carpets. But thisbad?

The Good:

I looked at Frankie Jonas’ Artful Dodger topper for a while before deciding that it was awesome/my son will never wear such an item.

India Eisley gets points for being age-appropriate!

Would most of us wear this? Probably not. But then, we’re not teen starlets like Tiffany Thornton.

The whole napkin-in-collar thing can be dicey; the length of Branda Song’s helps it work!(And as if it needs saying, we’re grading on a curve.)

The Bad:

Is this what the kids are wearing nowadays? Or is Bella Thorne a trendsetter?

I’m really baffled as to how Jordin Sparks could see this shirt on a rack and not react with total revulsion.

Would I be able to handle Demi Lovato’s unwieldy dress without the hellacious booties? Not sure.

Maybe if Meaghan Martin’s hair was Cyndi Lauper messy, and the shoes weren’t inducing a seizure, I’d feel better about her John Hughes special.

There’s a lot to like about Jordan Pruitt’s silhouette…and a lot to dislike about the fabric.

What Say You?

Diana Ramirez: tropical and fun, or tragically fug?

[Images via Getty]

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