Tessa Thompson Is Having the Best Summer of Her Life

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Tessa Thompson Is Having the Best Summer of Her Life
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Fresh on the heels of possibly making out with Rita Ora and boyfriend Taika Waititi, Tessa Thompson has someone new to kiss. Well, I’m inferring the “new” part, but I definitely haven’t seen photographs of them together prior to this, so let’s call it an educated guess.

Page Six reports that Thompson was seen out and about in Sydney, Australia, where she is filming Thor: Love and Thunder, directed by Waititi. In photographs captured from the stroll, she can be seen macking on model Zac Stenmark, cow-print purse and all. No, I’m being serious—she was rocking a cow print purse, which only makes the kissing that much cooler.

At this point, I hope Thompson kisses everyone this summer. It’s the only way to spend it, I think, with the whole world revved up and hornier than ever.

As for that aforementioned tongue dance with Rita Ora and Taika Waititi, Thompson told the press in 2018 she is attracted to both men and women, although she didn’t quite put a label on it, which is also cool, and totally her prerogative.

Let’s all wish her safe travels to wherever the next stop will be on this “Eat, Pray, Love” tour across Australia!

I still haven’t gotten a fix on Justin Bieber’s ill-fated hair journey. Just the other day, he shared this:

And also this:

The question, then, is this: Who made him cut it off? My guess is obviously Hailey, or his mom. The pastor seems too obvious an answer.

There’s a new Anya Taylor-Joy joint out soon:

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