Thank You to Millie Bobby Brown’s Psychic??

The Stranger Things star spoke to Glamour about her donkey, self-doubt, and how she figured out she actually is a feminist.

Thank You to Millie Bobby Brown’s Psychic??
Photo:Isa Foltin (Getty Images)

In every girl’s life, there’s one special moment that supersedes all the others: the first time she consults a psychic and makes a big determination about herself. Sometimes, it’s a positive one (she’s a Good Friend™ to those around her). For others—if you’re like me—it’s a pretty shitty one (she demonstrates an addiction to men in Patagonia vests). For Millie Bobby Brown though, apparently, it’s purely political.

In a new Glamour profile, the Stranger Things star, author, entrepreneur, and friend to Drake revealed that her status as a card-carrying feminist was confirmed only after a visit to a psychic.

“She credits her feminist awakening to a visit to a psychic, who informed her that she was, in fact, a feminist,” an excerpt from the piece reads. After that visit, Brown ventured home, hunkered down, and like any teenager seeking answers about their sexuality or their political status, hit up Google.

“How do I know if I’m a feminist?” Brown recalled writing. Then, after some research (Feminism for the girlies Tiktoks, I assume), she “really grasped the idea of feminism and what it means to me,” she told the magazine. “Ultimately it’s about opportunity.” It’s about some other stuff, too, but sure. That’s a hell of a start!

So impacted by the reading was Brown that she’s since made empowering stories for girls and women a tenet of her production company, PCMA Productions. Lately, she’s particularly excited about a forthcoming film, Damsel, which sees her portraying a dragon-fighting princess with Angela Bassett and Robin Wright.

“The theme is feminism,” Brown told Glamour. Shit, sign me up!

Of course, Brown also shared (very maturely) how she’d like to make an impact on the world (“…if I can do the small things that help people—their heart, their mind, their spirit—then that’s what I’ll do.”); her passion for protecting fellow child actors (“You cannot speak on children that are underage. I mean, our brains physically have not grown yet.”); how she prefers to start her day (“I’m somebody who wakes up, drinks a kombucha, pets my donkey, you know?”); and how she grapples with public opinion by way of a metaphorical gate she now keeps shut (“Nobody’s allowed in.”).

All in all, not bad for a 19-year-old. As a matter of fact, I wish my own teenage self-determinations were as consequential, as opposed to “maybe I’m just not meant to marry Taylor Lautner.”

That said, if Brown’s psychic is reading this: Thanks! And feel free to keep spiritually shepherding today’s youth into feminist awakenings.

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