The Bad: In Which Grammy Fashions Get Fugly


Oy vey. And you ain’t even seen the actual “uglys” yet.

Okay, is it just me, or was Taylor Swift’s gown just not that flattering? Yes, I’m harder on her, but she’s earned high expectations.

Another one who just suffered from a less-than-flattering cut: Mary J.

Oh, and Olivia Fox…although that’s not really the end of the issues with her sad frock.

I was so with Niecy Nash until we hit the dust ruffle.

Shalia Durcal’s gown may be one of the most unflattering I’ve ever seen and I’m really curious about her selection process, actually.

And now we come to the parade of horrible minis. From Tia Carrere’s sparse scrap…

To Kaya Jones’ oversized blouse…

To Giuliana Rancic’s disspiriting ruffle…

To Liv Jones’ cheerless floral…

To Kristine Wu’s American Apparel-worthy sparkles.

And Heidi, all I’m saying is…

It’s really not a good sign when you’re in the same subcategory as Snooki.

I love that since last Thursday, Nina Garcia has made it acceptable to simply critique a dress like Miley Cyrus’ by saying, “it’s really ugly.”

And let’s just use that again on Katy Perry’s “floral,” shall we?

Lacey Mosley: embellishment run amok.

It’s like Imogen Heap literally thrust her head through a hatbox. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Why, in Los Angeles, you might ask, did Malina Moye feel the need to ruin a perfectly okay outfit with a dyed-to-match cerulean fox muff? I couldn’t tell you, kids.

Shir Shomron’s fairy princess goes down in flames.

Ke$ha’s golden frock felt neither fresh nor fun, did feel really gold.

I dig Pink’s whole princessy contrast thing, but this guy’s just too busy. What say you?

J.Lo Takes asymmetry to a new, horrible low that could also just be called a large strip of fabric hanging over a mini.

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