The Best Mad Men Infomercial Pitches


We asked you to create a Mad Men-style ad for popular infomercial products, and the response was highly impressive. But only one ad could win the big prize; here are our favorites and the lucky winner.

Submitted by momogloo.

Submitted by Trevor.

Submitted by Anna Marquardt. Definitely enlarge it.

Submitted by Jessica Jinn.

Submitted by Mad_Girl12.

Submitted by Trevor Fulmer.

Submitted by I, Zombie Normal.

Submitted by Christina Jarumay.

Submitted by ckirkland.

Submitted by StupidFace.

Submitted by BrutallyHonestBabe.

Submitted by ampersandparade.

Submitted by J Syed.

Technically, this is an ad for insurance, not the Slap Chop, but Charles Dribin still deserves an honorable mention.

Honorable mention also goes to Jeff Carroll for the best pitch:

Don’s pitch (post divorce)

What story does every mother tell her daughter? What story did every woman hear from her mother?
The story of the prince.
The man who will come into her life and wake her with a kiss, who will slay the dragon and rescue her from the tower, who will see a beautiful princess where everyone else sees only a peasant.
The one man who will change everything.
This story, passed down from mother to daughter, promises that every woman, no matter who she is, will have one chance, at least once chance to be happy. A mother tells this story so her daughter will understand that when her chance comes, when that prince walks in the door with the glass slipper in his hand, she will need to be ready to offer all that she has to this man.
To bare her soul.
To be happy.

From the DVD commentary about the scene

Hi, this is Matt Weiner.
I love when Don pauses in the middle. His face changes and you know it’s no longer just a pitch. It amazes me how Jon can do this so quickly. He a different person at the end of this story than he is at the beginning.
Don’s telling this story, and you know that he’s thinking about Betty and what he’s lost, about whether there is only one chance for happiness and whether he missed it. And he’s also thinking about Sally, and he knows that he won’t be in her life now, that there may be a new father for her, and how every father wants to be that model of a prince for their daughter.
And this is Don’s story, too. He knows that women see him as Prince Charming. But he’s also Cinderella, and Betty was his slipper. And he wasn’t ready.
And I love what they did with this room. I wanted this to happen in the hotel, but they convinced me that it needed to be in the new office, in an almost bare room, and I love the way it turned out.
And Peggy’s dress…

And here’s our runner up: Taylor Zajonc. Click full-size to read his moving pitch.

Finally, the big prize goes to Michelle Legro! Her marketing savvy has snagged the mod set of Mad Men Barbies. Congrats!

Thanks to everyone who entered!

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