The Children's Place Selling Some Seriously Wack Shirts to Children


When I think of kids clothing retailer The Children’s Place, I don’t think of sexist Hot Topic for six-year-olds — but apparently the brand has remolded its image in the form of Slutty Skipper.

Not all their stuff is bad — for example, there’s nothing wrong with being All About Glitter — but when you start marketing garbage to little girls that’s all DIAMONDS RULE, MATH DROOLS, you’re officially a shitty company.

By contrast, their boys t-shirts are all about surfing and playing drums and being a superhero. They’re by no means perfect, but they paint the picture of a pro-active kid putting himself out there and making things happen. If the company doesn’t want to mix all the shirts together —boys and girls basically have the same bodies at those ages, why can’t they choose for themselves? — then at least they could make some little ladies shirts with messages other than “OMFGYG LET’S GO GET DADDY’S WALLET TO BUY SEQUIN$$$!!!!11”

[h/t Jennifer]

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